When detailing a car, there’s one aspect that often gets overlooked: the glass. And while the glass in your home windows might look the same as the clear stuff in your car, that’s where the similarities end. Commercial glass differs from application to application, and there are even different materials in use in cars’ windshields and side windows.

Cleaning automotive glass without damaging it requires the right materials and techniques. Overlook either of these two things, and you’re likely to either damage the windows or waste your time. Make sure you clean them correctly by following these steps.

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When it comes to personalizing cars, many drivers like to change up their wheels. The aftermarket is full of different options, whether it’s in material choices or a different aesthetic design.

But is it just about aesthetic choice? Do the different wheels impact how a car performs? As far as cleaning vehicles is concerned, paying attention to the small details is important. How a wheel changes the overall vehicle is, as a consequence, something worth understanding.

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